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Facet injections are an excellent pain relief solution when you experience a facet joint injury. At The Rehab Doctors in Rapid City, South Dakota, the area’s top pain management experts deliver facet injections to relieve your pain for up to several months. Find out how you can start moving without suffering now. Call the office or click the online appointment scheduler.

Facet Injections Q & A

What are facet joints?

Your facet joints are on each side of your spine. These small joints, which connect to your spinal vertebrae, have cartilage lining and a joint capsule cover. When your facet joints are healthy, they move smoothly, gliding as your spine moves. The facet joints work as stabilizers, preventing you from overextending your spine. 

But, when your facet joints sustain damage, either from injury or a chronic joint-damaging disease like arthritis, you can experience:

  • Pain
  • Reduced range-of-motion
  • Stiff movement
  • Headache 

Facet joint pain is often misunderstood and misdiagnosed, which is why it’s so important to get an evaluation and accurate diagnosis from the specialists at The Rehab Doctors. 

What are facet injections?

Facet injections are pain-relieving injections containing steroids and an anesthetic. If you have chronic neck or back pain related to facet joint damage, this kind of injection might be the best way to relieve your pain for an extended period. 

When do I need a facet injection?

If The Rehab Doctors’ team suspects the facet joint is the origin of your pain, they may recommend a facet joint injection. Facet joint problems don’t always show up on X-rays or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), but a facet injection works as a diagnostic as well as a treatment. 

Physical therapy can be very helpful for facet joint pain, so The Rehab Doctors’ team may recommend starting with prescribed exercise. Insurance companies typically require at least six physical therapy sessions before proceeding with injections as treatment. If that doesn’t help significantly, the next step can be a facet injection.

Each facet joint has its own referral pain pattern, so The Rehab Doctors’ team can determine exactly which facet joints cause your pain and then treat it at the source. In general, if you’re having decreased movement, stiffness, and chronic pain in a particular part of your neck or back, a facet injection may help diagnose and treat the problem. 

How long does pain relief last after facet joint injections?

It can depend on how much inflammation you have, but many patients with facet joint pain get relief for several months from one facet joint injection. You may need follow-up injections for persistent inflammation and pain. 

The Rehab Doctors’ team gives you a pain log to keep track of your pain after the injection so you can easily monitor results and determine when you might need additional treatment. 

If you have chronic pain, stiffness, and range-of-motion challenges, call The Rehab Doctors, or book with online scheduling to get expert advice.

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