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Epidural injections are one of the most effective treatments for back pain, neck pain, and other types of chronic pain. At The Rehab Doctors in Rapid City, South Dakota, the board-certified and Mayo Clinic-trained physicians offer cervical, lumbar, thoracic, and other types of epidural injections to relieve pain for up to several months. Find out how an epidural injection can help you by contacting the office or using online scheduling now.

Epidural Injections Q & A

What is an epidural injection?

An epidural injection is a pain-relieving injection that goes within the epidural space in your spine. Your epidural space is in the outer part of your spinal canal, just beyond the dura that coats your spinal cord and nerves. Your epidural space is often the ideal area to deliver pain-relieving injections because the medication goes directly to the area where you're having problems.

An epidural injection is any injection that your physician places directly within your epidural space. There are a variety of epidural injection variants, each uniquely suited for particular issues. Epidural injections contain a steroid to reduce inflammation and an anesthetic to numb pain.

When do I need an epidural injection?

If you’re dealing with chronic back or neck pain, an epidural injection may help. This type of injection is often particularly effective in treating nerve pain associated with:

  • Disc bulging
  • Disc herniation
  • Bone spurs compressing nerves

The Rehab Doctors team may recommend an epidural injection if physical therapy doesn’t give you enough pain relief. 

What are the different types of epidural injections?

The Rehab Doctors’ team offers the following epidural injections for pain relief:

Cervical epidural injections

Cervical epidural injections treat chronic neck pain. They go in the cervical spine (neck). 

Lumbar epidural injections

Lumbar epidural injections go in the lumbar spine, the lower part of the spine to treat chronic lower back pain. 

Thoracic epidural injection

Thoracic epidural injections go in the upper or mid-back, the area called the thoracic spine. This type of injection treats chronic mid and upper back pain. 

There are several different approaches for epidural injections. In an interlaminar epidural, your doctor injects the epidural space from behind. In a transforaminal epidural, your doctor injects from the side, and in a caudal injection, they inject from below. In cases where your doctor targets one specific nerve root, the epidural is a selective nerve root block. 

The Rehab Doctors’ team chooses the ideal epidural injection approach based on the type and location of your pain. 

How long does pain relief last following my epidural injection?

It can depend on the individual and how much inflammation you have, but many patients have several pain-free months following an epidural injection. You may need further treatment to maintain your results.

After your epidural injection, you take a pain log home. Keep track of your pain so you can determine exactly how effective the injection is for you.

Find out how epidural injections can relieve your pain with virtually no downtime. Call The Rehab Doctors, or use the online scheduler for help now.

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